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Many years of experience made us a specialist in the field of conception and organization of events for the pharmaceutical and medical industry always complying with the requirements of the Code of Conduct.

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The planning, organization and orientation of an event is our domain. We offer you a comprehensive range of services for various types of events

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"We want you to be a success!"
You as our client will be able to take advantage of first class event marketing and event management services.



Codes of Integrity

Code of Conduct by members of FSA (Voluntary Self-Regulation for the Pharmaceutical Industry), dated 02/12/2005

Code of Conduct by members of FSA (Voluntary Self-Regulation for the Pharmaceutical Industry) on the collaboration of the pharmaceutical industry with medical doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals, dated March 2010

Code of Conduct on the Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals (FSA Code of Conduct Healthcare Porfessionals) dated 27/11/2009

Related reports and press releases

"Pharmakodex: Unterhaltungsverbot jetzt noch strenger"; published in Events Magazin, Volume 2 / 2010

"Pressemitteilung FSA: Aktuelle BGH-Entscheidung zu § 299 StGB"; published in FS Arzneimittelindustrie e.V. dated 22/06/2012

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The ExcellEvent way: Four steps to your event success

FSA Cerificate Mrs Daniela Wohlfahrt (Marhoefer)

ExcellEvent general conditions, issued January 2004




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